Friesland Campina


Pack Performance Study for Friesland Campina

The Goal

In order to fight private label and rejuvenate the brand Campina, Friesland Campina had to redesign all the Campina Products in Belgium and The Netherlands. As this decision was strategically important, and the risk of losing consumers in this volatile category high, a profound research was needed.

What did we do

Haystack helped Friesland Campina with a step by step process combining qualitative research, online research and an offline shop simulation exercise with neuroscience tools.

We started with an online screener of different ideas/pack routes to select a more limited number of routes. The winning pack routes then went into a profound qualitative research to understand how shoppers felt about them. On the base of this, pack routes were optimized and went into a validation phase. The final pack routes were researched with neuroscience in a simulated real-life shelf exercise. An eye-tracking approach was used to assess pack performance, brand recognition, navigation and segment recognition. Also, an implicit measurement (Indirect reaction time measurement) was integrated in the test to understand the communicative values of the pack.


The total process helped Friesland Campina to step by step develop the packaging based on consumer feedback. Haystack, as a real expert in packaging, guided Friesland Campina through the development of the pack and enabled them to create a pack with true impact in shelf.

‘Using neuroscience and the right mix of tools for the new Campina pack’ – MIE 2018Wim Hamaekers
Download the slides now and re-read the close collaboration between Friesland Campina and Haystack!

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