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Research Expert Maaike joins SMART as board member

August 14, 2019

Since July 2019, Maaike joined the board of SMART, an organization for Starting Marketing And Research Talent. SMART is part of the MOA (Dutch organization for market research) and organizes each year various events for young professionals. The aim of SMART is to connect marketers and researchers with each other and inspire through events. Each […]

The Shopting© model

The Shopting © model: unique expertise to link consumer behaviour to shopper behaviour

June 17, 2019

The core challenge for many business managers today is to identify those few strategic growth buckets to tap into in order to create sustainable growth for their company. Are there any unmet needs or rapidly growing consumer segments? Who exactly is my target, what drives them and how can I reach them more effectively? How […]

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“Haystack brainstorms with us as a partner to create challenging, innovative and custom-made projects.”
- Eneco

August 24, 2017

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Marketing & Data Science Director
Belgium - Leuven

As Marketing and Data Science Director, you provide an inspiring leadership to a team of marketing and data scientists, statistician and methodologists. You find joy in extracting knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data by using scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems? You love to go beyond the numbers and give advice in creating complex research designs and /or complex data modelling.

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DP Scripting Advisor
Belgium - Leuven

As DP Scripting Advisor, you are a catalyst for change and improve performance and quality. You love to go for the ultimate user friendly, mobile friendly online scripts of questionnaires and you dare to challenge the status quo. You find joy in seeking optimizations; promoting automation and developing efficient ways to script and create client deliverables.

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Senior Qualitative Research Expert
Belgium - Leuven

As Senior Qualitative Research Expert, you are the driving forces behind qualitative research within Haystack. You are responsible for the daily management of multiple to complex national and international research projects autonomously. Next to this you provide coaching, suggestions and guidance to more junior qualitative researchers.

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