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HUT home use testing Haystack

HUTs: good, fast and cheap

May 14, 2019

They often say that you can only pick two. When something is cheap and fast, it won’t be good… Well, at Haystack we like to challenge that. We pursue a good balance for our Home Use Test; making them fast, affordable and high in quality. In many HUTs, screening of respondents and sampling of products […]

Agile marketing Haystack

Fast, Faster… Agile

May 13, 2019

On April 25th the annual SMART conference took place. As proud sponsor of SMART (Starting Marketing And Research Talents) and MOA (Marketing-insights, Onderzoek en Analytics) we were happy to be present with our 2 local Research Experts Louise and Maaike. They are pleased to share with you their 3 key findings of the day. At an […]

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“Haystack brainstorms with us as a partner to create challenging, innovative and custom-made projects.”
- Eneco

August 24, 2017

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Research Expert
Belgium - Leuven

You are an integral part in creating the research that we deliver to clients. Day to day you’ll be responsible for delivering market research projects, including translating the research questions into analysis design, quality & budget management and the overall client project communication.

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Account Architect
Belgium - Leuven

Our Account Architects drive business opportunities using their extensive knowledge of the industry and in-depth quantitative and qualitative research experience, focussing on managing key clients, delighting them with sound insights and providing innovative solutions.

Project Assistant (studentenjob)
Belgium - Leuven

Zin in een leuke studentenjob? Haystack is op zoek naar studenten om tijdens de werkweek(min 1 dag/week) het team te versterken. Laat de saaie kantoor jobs voor na je studies en werkin onze moderne, multifunctionele testruimtes in Heverlee.