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April 24, 2018

Working at Haystack means fun, passion and sitting in the driver’s seat!

We believe working at Haystack is great. But why believe us? Well, just listen to the Haystack employees – our needlefinders – and you’ll know why. We collected their main reasons to work for and with us.

  1. You’re in the driver’s seat

    From the moment you join the team, you’re allowed to take ownership. We even count on you to do so. Of course, you’re not in it alone.“I like to be in control of things and that’s exactly what my job consists of: working for big international companies and making the real difference for products that will eventually end up on the market.” – Mats, Senior Project Manager“Haystack creates an environment of trust, where people have the opportunity to take ownership. We are here to guide them through their learning process in relation to the job and as a person, while encouraging them to preserve their own identity.” – Stijn, HR Officer“We get the chance to suggest which trainings we would like to follow to improve ourselves. And we get the opportunity to attend conferences and events.” – Karen, Marketing Executive

  2. Your opinion counts

    Let’s face it, all humans beings want to feel appreciated and recognized. So at Haystack, we listen to what you have to contribute. Really, just speak up.

    “Haystack is a company that values the opinion of its employees. This stimulates you to speak up and to think with the management team, in order to further develop the company and make it grow.” – Kaat, Research Consultant

    “Haystack helped me to grow, as a person. I dare to state my opinion and they they really listen to it.” – Kaat, Research Consultant



  3. The atmosphere’s great

    Haystack seems to be the perfect combination between work and pleasure. It all has to do with the informal context, the nice people in our team and the synergy.

    “Why I like working here? Because of the great atmosphere! Everyone has a great sense of humor: there’s not a day that goes by without laughter.” – Saar, Research Consultant“I like working in this international environment. And my colleagues are nice. This is why I have the Yay, the first day at school feeling after a holiday.” – Mats, Senior Project Manager

    “My colleagues were really enthusiastic when I told them about the Dutch classes I was following. Also very funny when they try to speak Italian with the typical Italian gestures and accent. Pasta, mozzarella, prosciutto… Actually now that I think about it they only know food-related words!” – Giulia, Sensory Scientist

  4. Thinking out of the box

    Needlefinders are challenged to think different and further. That’s what they like to do. On top of that, we have a worldwide network of partners on a variety of methodologies for all kinds of product categories. The perfect context to get inspired!

    “Haystack is a company that is driven by a unique philosophy: the Symphony of senses. This distinct us from the competition. At Haystack you can do something different and unique.” – Kaat, Research Consultant

    “On the one hand, we look at the results of the research. But on the other hand, we offer an extra service, by looking further than just the data.” – Kaat, Research Consultant

  5. Share your passion

    Our team is made up of young and passionate colleagues, who share the same passion. And sharing really makes life better, if you would ask us.

    “The tagline We are all in this together fits Haystack 100%. Dispare the deadlines in our sector, the team has always got your back and will help you achieve your goal.” – Karen, Marketing Executive

    “What started out with fifteen colleagues six years ago, is now a big, young team of passionate colleagues. Thanks to the growth, we have a lot of new vacancies and free positions. In the first place, Haystack always looks to its own people, to give needlefinders the chance to grow and develop themselves.” – Karen, Marketing Executive

Sounds awesome to work in this team and in such an environment, right? Apply to one of our jobs here or contact Stijn Depre, HR Office at Haystack.