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The 3 biggest challenges for consumer understanding and how to overcome them.

Date: 12 Jul 2018

The first step to implement a meaningful brand strategy is to know your consumers. Do you feel equipped enough with the category understanding and depth of knowledge essential to success? In a world of information overload, how to add meaning to the life of your consumers? Which are the universal needs that can help you make them feel like you understand them?

Winning in store is a matter of understanding shopping experience.

Date: 19 Jul 2018

In an online world it’s an easy task to measure the online shop experience and optimize it on the base of click, search and buying behavior.  In the brick and mortar world, everybody is talking about shop experience. There is hardly data available about the in store conversion funnel from passing by to buying.  Haystack has developed together with Nurama an approach which tracks the shop experience and help to understand what drives sales and how to optimize the store in order to stay relevant for the shopper.