The Next Lab

In today’s rapidly changing world a thorough understanding of the what, how and why’s of choice-making has become even more essential in keeping up with change and assuring one’s future. Being more predictive with regards to what consumers and shoppers prefer and understanding why that is.

In The Next Lab we focus on:

  • Dealing with increased complexity.
  • Being closer to the moment of decision.
  • Understanding how context and motives influence choice.
  • Identifying patterns in big data.
  • Integrating the latest analytical methods and tools in our approach
  • Understanding the unconscious consumer better

It’s also the place where the brainpower of our eight in-house PhDers is stretched to address the most challenging business questions that often cannot be answered with traditional methods. And the place where we partner up with our network of universities and small tech companies to benefit from the latest advances in our industry.

If you want to keep up with change, this is the place to discover how we can help. Or just post the business issue that needs resolving in your next lab and we will tailor a solution to solve it.

Your Next Lab

If you have a business issue that cannot be properly solved by conventional methods, have a burning desire to experiment with a new method, or want additional brainpower to crack the code of a question that you wanted to solve for a long time contact Let’s find ways to stay relevant and future-proof, together.