Symphony Of Senses

At Haystack we look at a consumer experience, a product innovation, pack, communication or shop from an multi-sensorial perspective. We strongly believe that it’s the interaction of all senses that influences our perception, experience and decision-making in real-life. As a result, all sensorial cords have to be struck in a harmonious way to end up as a real symphony in order to create emotional impact.

Ample research has proven that congruent sensory strategies enhance recognition, evaluation and memory structures of the brand. Consequently, we strongly believe that the future belongs to those brands that unlock their brand potential by turning their brands, products and services into congruent multisensory experiences that stick with you for a long time.

We call the process of achieving this the Symphony Of Senses. While a lot of research agencies approach business questions narrowly, we tap as much as possible into all senses to give people a congruent experience that emotionally resonates. We do that by incorporating the latest implicit, emotive and contextual methodologies in our research solutions.


Predicting behavior

‘Thinking is to humans as swimming to cats, they can do it but they’d prefer not to’ D. Kahneman

Finding out what people really want becomes harder and harder in our increasingly complex world. It requires cracking the code of the psychology of people’s decision-making processes. Only by understanding why people act the way they do we will be able to predict their future behavior better. And one of the biggest challenges is that people often don’t have a clue.

Haystack strongly believes in Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman’s work ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ about how people decide. In fact, 95% of our decisions are taken unconsciously – Kahneman calls this system 1 thinking – and only 5% is actually driven by system 2.

At Haystack we developed reality driven methods and tools to also tap into system 1, because they enable us to drill into a deeper and completer level of understanding of behavior. With a good mix of science based and grounded tools (quantitative, qualitative and behavioral), we reveal what really drives consumer and shopper preferences. Haystack has a highly divergent research solutions offering that provides you with a more accurate prediction, better insights, advise and consultancy through multisensory, implicit, emotive & contextual research.

Kahneman System 1 and System 2

Check out some cool cases using system 1 measurement tools:

Our Needlefinders

Finding the needle in the Haystack. Not the easiest task, yet one we undertake with great enthusiasm and eagerness. 85 Needlefinders are ready to help you with your challenge. Our Needlefinders team consist of multidisciplinary profiles allowing us to compose a team that can optimally tackle the business question that is being put on the table with their expertise and brainpower. Our Needlefinders are amongst others bio engineers, sensory specialists, shopper experts, pack experts, client delight managers, data scientists, neuro psychologist, behavioral experts, psychologists and economists. If you want to get to know our Needlefinders a bit better, click here.

Why do we believe in the strength of this multidisciplinary diversity?

Because surviving in the fast, agile, volatile and complex world demands a new way of working with you and at Haystack internally. One that can handle the complexity of today’s problems our clients face. And one that is smart enough to adapt to a rapidly changing world in which consumers take their decisions.

Towards a networked organization.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change“
We moved from a hierarchical structure to a more flexible and agile purpose and role-driven structure so that our Needlefinders can sense and respond more rapidly to more complex market needs. Each Needlefinder takes a clear role based on competencies and takes responsibility upon matters related to this role. We give more autonomy to our Needlefinders and operate in a flexible organizational structure.

Design thinking – a new way of working more efficiently and faster

Another reason to believe in the strength of this multidisciplinary diversity is that it that we can tailor who is best suited to be the sparring partner in the process. Having the right people around the table at the right time not only results in a more agile process. More importantly, it also results in better research design and hence sharper, clearer, simpler, and more tangible insights that allow instant action. Design thinking is the process that enables us to confidently say: we’ll crack that code, together.


Global expertise

‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit’ Aristotle

Haystack is a global agency and works for amongst others Alpro, Nestle, Unilever, The Coca Cola Company, Danone, P&G, Perfetti Vanmelle, Philips and Beiersdorf. With offices in Belgium, The Netherlands and Dubai and a global network of accredited fieldwork partners in over 60 countries, we can help you with global projects. All research output depends on trustworthy input. Therefore, the quality of our fieldwork is the foundation of every research piece. We’ve invested for years in the quality of our fieldwork partner network: keeping sensory and research skills up-to-date and being present at every fieldwork start-up. These dedicated strategic partners have been extensively trained in our protocols and quality standards. As a results, we can guarantee the same fieldwork quality all over the world. This enables you to have an agile solution for your most challenging international projects.


Expert in emerging countries in Middle East, Africa and South Americas.

Haystack conducts a vast amount of quantitative and qualitative studies in emerging markets. An expertise that allows us to conduct research properly in these markets and tackle any practical or cultural barrier that would otherwise delay or complicate the seamless execution of a project.