Consumer Understanding and Shop Experience Research for Spadel

The Goal

Spadel wanted to get an in-depth understanding of how people shop in the water category. More specifically, Spadel wanted to get insights on the navigation tree (how people navigate and search in store) and the decision tree (what plays a role when people purchase water). Also, they wanted to know the impact of out of stock and promos on shop behavior. The main goal was to develop a new shelf vision leveraging growth for Spadel but at the same time aligned with the shopper’s needs.

What did we do

In order to answer Spadel’s question, Haystack conducted a hybrid shopper research study at the main Belgian retailers. The study combined qualitative research (accompanied shopping trips in store), quantitative research (exit interviews in store), behavior tracking (shopper observation in store) and implicit measurement of buying behavior via a conjoint exercise.

spadel case haystackOutcome

On the base of this exercise Spadel was able to construct the shelf of the future for their waters and flavoured waters. Moreover, results were also used to position their (at that time) new category in store ‘100% natural soft drinks”. To help Spadel with convincing the retailers to follow their strategy, Haystack crunched the complex amount of available data into an easy, simple yet fact-based but very visual document the sales team used in their retailer negotiations. And with success, Spadel is growing very fast and announced investing 12.8 million euros in its bottling plant to capture the growth of the aromatized waters.

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