Social media analysis within U&A research


The goal

There is a world of qualitative U&A data out there, right at our fingertips. Like never before, consumers are creating this much data and information on social media themselves. Therefore it was important for Haystack and Alpro to evaluate the added value of social media analysis within U&A research.

  1. Get a deeper understanding how consumers use plant-based products
  2. Unravel additional, exceptional and creative ways how these products are used

What did we do

We used a social media analytics tool to create a search query in which we could track all of the earned conversation about Alpro on social media. Additionally, we used a text analysing tool that counts words and hashtags and identifies patterns, which helped us even more to interpret the posts of interest in a faster way. Next to analysing this data in a more quantitative way, we also wanted to get a deeper understanding by looking at the post in a more qualitative way. Hence, we first funnelled all earned conversation of Alpro down to the three categories of interest.

The outcome

On a methodological level we can conclude that social media analysis for U&A studies are a great tool when the goal is to inspire and full the marketing and R&D team. It is an easy way to identify the big usages (when you have the right software). Next to this, we can also find more specific information using keywords and hashtags and analysing this data on a more qualitative level.

“This study shows us qualitative research and big data can go hand in hand. Depending on what the goals of the research are and keeping in mind some implications, it is a perfect tool to identify new U&A in a budget friendly and time efficient way.”

Suzanne Mulier – Global Business Development Manager at ALPRO