Mobile research flavours and fragrances



A producer of flavours and fragrances.

The Goal

Evaluate the fragrance of laundry detergent, in order to identify new areas of innovation or optimization.

  • How do consumers use laundry detergent?
  • How does this influence the importance of smell?
  • How is the smell evaluated during the different stages?
  • How is the fragrance when putting it into the washing machine?
  • How is the smell when drying?
  • How is the smell when ironing?
  • How is the smell when using the clothes and sheets?

What did we do?

We conducted a mobile research with 50 participants and made sure there was a mix in family composition, brands usages, liquid detergent and cups. We also took into consideration consumers using or not using a tumble dryer.

The use of mobile platform is relevant to get a clear view on how consumer use a certain product in the right moment and context. Especially for a low-involvement, intuitive product like laundry detergent, consumers often don’t really know what they do or they don’t do all the steps consciously but more out of habit.

The outcome

  • Clear understanding in the Usage & Attitude (U&A) of consumers in the right moment and context.
  • Identified the moments of truth for a product and some pain points that came up during certain stages in the process.
  • Identified some opportunities to resolve these pain points regarding smell

Curious to see the mobile platform? Download the app in the Android Store or look for ‘Haystack mobile’ in the App Store.