U&A regarding meal preparations


The goal

Consumers are more and more looking for healthy and convenient meal solutions. However, there can be a gap between what they claim they do, and what they actually do! Haystack conducted a research to help launch new products that fit both consumer desires and behaviours.

What did we do

For one of the leading brand in solutions for mid-week meals, we conducted a research in their most important market to better understand U&A regarding meal preparations in general, and regarding emerging trends in particular. (eg: vegetarian alternatives, gut-friendly fermented food, 4 mini-meals a day,…)

U&A with go-pro cameras

We selected 35 consumers, with various family types, social-backgrounds, attitudes towards cooking. All were equipped with a go-pro camera and access to an online diary platform. We followed them for 5 weeks. They did not receive any particular task, they just had to share with us 2 evenings. Moments were recorded, starting from the decision making, then the preparation, the cooking, until the meal is finally put on the table. Interaction with them was limited, so as not to bias them, nor to push them to performance.

Follow-up interviews

We also conducted afterwards 10 in-home interviews in order to be able to go more in-depth. Many differences were found between what they say they do, and what they are actually doing. For instance, many claimed 2 of your 5 a day was important, but in reality the amount of vegetables remains limited. Clear differences were also found between the socio-economical backgrounds in terms of usage (eg: for instance more assembly cooking, frying more, using less vegetables, eating more alone…).

The outcome

With this information in hand, the client was able to fine-tune current innovation proposals and recipes based on consumer reality in the kitchen.

Triggered on how this type of research can add value to your business? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert Laure Payen.