Clean label research


The goal

The clean label trend has been gaining steady interest over the last few years but for many companies it is still a vague concept. The term ‘clean label’ encompasses a range of buzzwords and food trends that are popular with consumers but are also incredibly hard to define. To gain more insights in consumer’s expectations about clean label, Haystack conducted an extensive research together with functional ingredients manufacturer BENEO. The goal of this study was to understand shoppers’ product choices and their preferred ingredients when buying cleaner label products.

What did we do

An online quantitative survey, carried out with 3,000 consumers from the UK, Germany and the US

The outcome

This research showed that consumers pay more attention to what is inside the product that they are buying, than to either the product’s description or the brand name itself.  This highlights the drive by consumers to make healthier choices and shows the continued importance of manufacturers offering cleaner label.
When buying natural products, consumers expect the product to be healthy, free from additives and artificial ingredients and to have clear, relevant claims on packaging. This clearly shows the importance for food and drink producers to ensure that the ingredients that they are putting on the label are seen by consumers to be ingredients that they can relate to in a positive way.

“Our research results show that ingredients lists are powerful purchasing motivators for consumers and can even be more important that the actual brand of the product. This focus on ingredients could encourage product switching if manufacturers don’t take consumers’ desires to eat more cleanly seriously”

Myriam Snaet – Head of Market Intelligence and Consumer Insights at BENEO