Barry Callebaut


Behind the scenes of Barry Callebaut’s Ruby chocolate

On September 5 2017 Barry Callebaut proudly presented a new type of chocolate called ‘Ruby’. You’ve read that right, a new chocolate type, next to dark, brown and white chocolate. Of course, this innovation didn’t happen overnight.

Global need states mapping

About two years ago, Haystack performed a large sensory mapping study in the USA, China and the UK to identify different need states linked to chocolates. Our research revealed a consumer chocolate need no existing chocolate type was able to satisfy: hedonistic indulgence. This is a need state found mostly among millennials, the current largest living generation.

Ruby Chocolate

Consumer research to test appeal

After Barry Callebaut’s R&D developed the new chocolate type, it was extensively tested with consumers in different markets. Haystack performed product tests in Japan, China and the UK to test the chocolate’s consumer appeal. It appeared that the new chocolate type was a product that fittted with the hedonistic indulgence need state, allowing Barry Callebaut to pave the road for concept development of this segment.

Jan Ryckmans, Sensory Research Director at Haystack adds:

“It’s wonderful to see a client launching such a great innovation. As a market research agency, we work behind the scenes. The innovation pipeline can be long, but with end results like these it’s totally worth the wait. We are proud to have been Barry Callebaut’s partner and we can’t wait for all new product categories that will definitely be coming up!”