The goal

Grunenthal, one of the leading international healthcare brands in the pain market wanted to investigate how to best position the launch of a new product. The objective was to adapt it to the needs of the local healthcare ecosystem and culture.  Haystack conducted focus groups with general practitioners.

What did we do

We started from an in-depth understanding of the decision-making process and criteria for choice. Then, the employees of Grunenthal themselves, in a workshop format, created themselves the best story flow for the product.

The outcome

The study helped the client translating its scientific and producer-centered sales speech into a patient-centric approach. The deliverables included flow, wording, claims and communication channels to generate the maximum of impact. The output will also fuel the sales training. Our client at Grunenthal adds:

“An experienced partner as Haystack conducted the study in a fast, clear and efficient way. Although the matter was very specific and scientific, they were able to grasp it very fast. For sure we will work with Haystack in the future and we recommend other companies to do so too.”

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