March 5, 2018

If you want to gain consumers’ trust, be brief and easy to understand

We live in a world of overchoice with too many products, all shouting for our attention to be bought. Brands can make a difference by guiding the consumer’s decisions with easy understanding packages, since direct communication benefits the proces.

Brand owners are always looking for solutions on how to enlarge the consumers’ engagement. An element that is often underestimated in the on-pack communication. Next to the consumer packaging trend – demanding a lot of information on health credentials, sustainability… – consumers are asking brands to focus on the key message and to keep it brief and easy to understand. Consumers want real information and simple decisions.

Brands are always looking to engage better with consumers. And that’s not an easy job with trends like sustainability, health and wellbeing …. Most of the times, more information needs to be added to convince consumers and facilitate the buying process.  One of the most underestimated elements in the marketing mix is the pack design and on-pack communication. Brands feel the need to communicate a lot, but consumers need to be guided in their decision process with clean and easy to understand labels. Brands should therefore focus on the key message and keep it brief and clear.



Easy to understand packaging designs demand for a ‘clean label’. This means brands need to cut back the label information to essential cues, which consumers need to make a purchase decision.  To guide shoppers intuitively to their choice, brands will have to provide a moment of calm and clarity in an increasingly hectic retail environment.

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