October 25, 2017

Virtual Reality Demo Haystack

Virtual Reality brings engagement and contextualization together

It’s exactly this valuable combination of engagement and contextualization that’s the key to so much more marketing and sales opportunities. But what exactly is Virtual Reality (VR), how can it change our lives, why is it so important for Haystack and how does such a VR research tool look like? We’ll tell you all about it!

Virtual reality: a setting

Let’s start by stating the obvious: Virtual Reality is not a novelty. It’s been around for quite some time now, which brings us to the third generation of this technology. But, while Virtual Reality started out as a tool that was mainly driven by the gaming and research industry, today it’s moving towards other areas and applications such as industries, health care, education, and so on. In other words: it’s transforming from a ‘fun and playful’ tool to something more practical, and something less frivolous. And why not? Because Virtual Reality creates the possibility to emerge oneself in a reality you’d normally not (always) be able to discover.

The keyword is contextualization

If you ask us, the keyword of marketing anno 2017 is ‘contextualization’. Context is everything – it’s as simple as that. People nowadays get bored when they have to answer to plain old online surveys: it’s not exciting, it’s not pretty to look at and it sure as hell isn’t entertaining. And to make sure the survey respondents don’t bail out in the middle of the survey, we need to provide them with something new. And you know what? Virtual Reality can bring a completely new, exciting and interesting level of engagement to the table.

So, basically, it goes like this: you provide your panel with a bunch of questions, but with Virtual Reality, you’ll have the opportunity to place them in different contexts (at work, at the beach, during Christmas or during summer break, …). And it’s only when they feel like they’re in the actual context – meaning: the closest to reality as they can get – you’ll get the real insights. And that is all that matters, correct?

Why are VR & Haystack a perfect match?

We think it’s important to cover this topic because VR is engaging in a totally different way. Like we said, it’s a big player when it comes to contextualization. It provides this great and never-seen-before immersive experience that puts people in the right environment to trigger them and make sure they give us the right answers.

Haystack thrives to get the best results possible

And that’s what it’s all about, of course: getting results that are the closest to the reality as possible. By implementing Virtual Reality in our way of work, Haystack makes sure to ask the right questions in the right (virtual) environment, which will get you the best results possible – without even needing to leave the house.

Expert talking: Charles Laporte spills the VR beans

Charles Laporte, VR expert at the Next Lab at Haystack, tells all about the pioneering role Haystack plays in the introduction of certain innovations in market research. One of these innovations is Virtual Reality, the specialty of Laporte. He’s convinced of the potential of VR, especially for bringing more engagement and context to the research table. Curious about how we’re looking at the future – beyond even the beauty of VR? Watch the video & find out!


Try out our brand-new virtual reality demo!

So, what now? Because we can go on and on (and on) about the genius of virtual reality, but how does it look like in practice – right? Right. That’s why we whipped up this fancy virtual reality demo (demo.vr.haystack-international.com) in our VR Next Lab to show you how Virtual Reality might work when implemented in market research.

So, go on… enter our store, look around, answer our questions and get into a (virtual) search to certain objects… Try it yourself and make sure to let us know what you think about this demo. Talk to you soon!

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