October 10, 2017

Trendwatch Interview Ronald Laan

Trendwatch: Everything Nowt (Naught)

As you probably might’ve guessed by now, Haystack takes great pride in being on top of the consumer research market. We keep an eye on all the trends that pass us by, so we can never be caught off guard. And one trend in particular that stuck with us? The ‘Everything Nowt’ slope, the ‘Nowt’ part being pronounced as ‘Naught’. But what exactly does this buzzword mean and why is it important we keep on top of it? Allow us to explain.

Everything Now: explained

The definition of Everything Now is pretty straightforward: it talks about the fact that we, meaning the Western World, seem to have access to everything we desire. This theory makes it clear: everything is just a swipe, click or heartbeat away. Hence, the Everything Now bit.

So, it’s only logical that this immediacy of access is a great catalyst for consumption: the only thing we have to do is go online, pick and select whatever we want – and we’re done. And if we’re not satisfied? Not a problem: then we just resend it and get a refund in the blink of an eye.

Need an example? We hoped you’d say that.

In physical supermarkets, the number of products grew from 9 000 (1978) to a whopping 47 000 (2008), when we’re talking about the average US Supermarket. And now, of course, you also have access to all this (and more!) via the internet.

When we multiply this number by the growing number of devices we’re using on a daily base (and we take our growing superficiality into account)… this growth is not very likely to end soon. Because you know what? This growth already started out in the Victorian era!

Everything Naught: explained

Chances are, that by now you’re probably thinking: ‘Okay. So, what? Everything’s available whenever I want it. That’s awesome. Where ‘s the Naught in that?’ Right? Well…

It has been proven that, because of this ever-increasing overload of information, we tend to make poorer choices.

And it doesn’t seem like that’s going to improve any time soon. So, there you have it: this poor decision making takes the fun right out of Everything Now… And here, the positive ‘Now’ transforms into a negative ‘Naught’.

The solution: Haystack’s Symphony Of Senses

So, now the big question is… How can a company protect oneself against this poor choice behaviour? Well, the solution is pretty clear… And we mean that both literally and figuratively. It’s easy.

You need to make sure that your product or service is crystal clear and single minded. You need to make sure that the shopper selects your product or service with a clear mind and for a very specific need. Only when they know exactly what value your company will bring them, they will meet their expectations, have the feeling their senses are in full congruency – and know they made the right decision.

And it’s exactly this phenomenon of lining up every sense as it should, that we at Haystack call Symphony Of Senses. We are convinced that this process of simplifying unnecessary complexity is a key growth opportunity.


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