October 12, 2017

logo Haystack - corporate identity

Transformation of Corporate Identity for Haystack Complete

New Corporate Identity for Haystack

Haystack has been a trusted partner in multisensory consumer research for decades. With offices in Dubai, Amsterdam and Leuven we have a global reach. Also, Haystack has a large track record with research conducted in more than 60 countries. Managing Partner Wim Hamaekers says: “We had outgrown our corporate identity because our ambition is beyond. We want to stick closely to trends in the market and consult our clients to be more successful in the market. As multisensory research consultants, we help our clients to unlock their brand potential by turning products and services into the right multisensory experience.” To fully convey this message, Haystack decided to rebrand.

Elke De Brabandere, HR Business Partner, adds: “Our passion, genuineness and dynamism are now also reflected in the new icon, the Splash. Its overlapping sections represent the continuous collaboration of the five senses and our collective brains. Its colors represent that we are a bit off-beat and open minded.”

Next to a new logo, Haystack restructured its product offer and services to better match the client’s need for agile, faster and better research. “As a company, we want to manage the complexity in research by making it simple, easy and enjoyable. Of course, our research is grounded by using the latest technology and methodologies, but we want to be less technical about it. We want to be more about how we can help our clients,” Wim concludes. Therefore, Haystack now focuses on four core research areas:

  • Consumer understanding
  • Product Innovation
  • Packaging Performance
  • Shop Experience

Create Symphony Of Senses through Multisensory Research

Haystack has always been looking at consumer experience, product innovation, pack, communication or shop from a multi-sensorial perspective. Why? Because we strongly believe that it’s the interaction of all senses that influences our perception, experience and decision-making in real-life. As a result, all sensorial cords must be struck in a harmonious way to end up as a real symphony to create emotional impact.

We call the process of achieving this Symphony Of Senses. A lot of research agencies approach business questions narrowly. We don’t. Haystack taps as much as possible into all senses to give consumers a congruent experience that emotionally resonates. We do that by incorporating the latest implicit, emotive and contextual methodologies in our research solutions.

Focus on Innovation in The Next Lab

The world is changing and so are research methodologies. At Haystack, we always rely on the latest scientific insights and research methodologies. To continuously innovate and excel in this field, we’ve created The Next Lab. Currently, we have four Next Lab projects up and running. They are dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Data, Virtual Reality, Data Science and Neuro Science. These technologies will only gain more importance in the future. They will become an essential part of the market research toolbox.

Meet our Needlefinders

Over the years, Haystack has built a multidisciplinary team of experts. You can now also find all Needlefinders – as we call our employees – on our website, as they are our most important asset. Our Needlefinders are amongst others psychologists, bio-engineers, marketing experts, sociologists, sensory and food experts, client delight manager, data scientist, neuro scientists, shopper experts, visualization experts and trend analysts.

Next to their work on research projects, the Needlefinders are also at your disposal for workshops, keynote speeches and outsourcing to provide you company with extra expertise. Our promise: together we create a solution that fits your needs and helps your company to be (even more) successful.

So, what can our Needlefinders mean to you?