November 15, 2017

Laure talks about the relationship between qualitative research and R&D

Laure talks about the relationship between qualitative research and R&D

Are you curious about how both qualitative research and R&D could help your company grow and expand? Say no more: expert Laure Payen, Qualitative Research Director at Haystack, talks about all the good that the combination of qualitative research and R&D has to offer!

Let’s start at the beginning: what exactly is R&D?

Well, R&D (which is short for research and development) refers to all kinds of investigative activities that are undertaken by a business, to improve existing products or procedures. Next to this, R&D activities can also lead to the development of new products or procedures.

So, in other words: R&D is a way to improve certain product lines – and hereby make certain corporations gain more experience and change for the better.

R&D + qualitative research = a time and money saving solution!

And why this is the case, you ask? Easy: qualitative research brings a whole new level of focus to the game, which makes the process (and the results!) of your R&D activities easier, faster and better.

Let’s explain this with a general example. Imagine, you’re aspiring to bring a new product to the market. This means, you have to go through a lot of market research first: you have to test your product on flavor, packaging, design, feel, and so on. Not so hard to imagine, that these tests can take up a lot of your time (and budget), isn’t it?

Therefore, when you choose to carry out qualitative research first, such as a focus group, for example. You don’t have to test every single thing, which makes it easier to exclude a lot of possible options. Meaning…

… qualitative research and R&D go very well together!

Because when you choose to combine the two in a productive manner, you’ll save a lot of time, and even more money, because you’ll immediately know which direction (not) to choose. And this way, the path you want to take considering R&D, will become that much clearer.

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