February 26, 2018

Key Learnings IIeX Europe

What we learned from IIeX Europe 2018?

Haystack attended the IIeX conference in Amsterdam, to share our vision on market research. Of course, we also opened our eyes and ears to gain insights on the upcoming methods and tools. Jasper Scheir, Head of Product Excellence at Haystack, is happy to share his key learnings from IIeX 2018.

#1 Artificial Intelligence is hot

Like other industries, the market research industry is rapidly evolving. Jasper Scheir saw a different focus on this year’s IIeX: “Four years ago, the buzzwords on the IIeX were ‘neuromarketing’, ‘implicit testing’, ‘Kahneman’s System 1 & System 2’,… Of course these words are still in the picture. But I noticed Artificial Intelligence was the number one topic this year. This has all to do with the big amount of data that has to be processed and the importance of process automation, which will only get bigger in the future. So we better keep up with Artificial Intelligence Research.”

#2 Combine multiple Market Research methods

“Learning new methods and tools in market research is great”, says Jasper Scheir. “Just make sure you also pay attention to the combination of methods. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You can get much more out of it if you mix and combine them in a relevant way. In that context, it is important to be on the constant lookout to create strong collaborative partnerships – between clients, agencies like us, and downstream data and technology suppliers.”  

#3 Don’t forget you’re working with humans

“We live in a data driven world, but keep in mind we are researching human behavior. Which means we are still working with humans! The way you present data to customers and clients, should therefore be in a human way. People prefer stories to numbers and figures, so storytelling will always remain more important than data.”


#4 Blockchain to the rescue

“I attended an interesting talk about blockchain and its relevance for market research. Blockchain is not just a technology but an ideology which can deal with market research issues such as data security, data authenticity and payments. It could provide answers to the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). I’m sure we’ll see the rise of blockchain applications for MR in the near future!”


Want to know more about one or more trends mentioned above and how Haystack can help you keeping up with the latest methods? Reach out to Head of Product Excellence Jasper Scheir