March 21, 2018

Key learnings from UBA Trends Day 2018

March 15th was D-Day for all belgian marketeers, since UBA Trends Day took place in Brussels. On the day-long program: upcoming trends and techniques in communication, consumer insights, brands and media. The event attracted about 1400 marketers, including Wim Hamaekers, managing partner at Haystack. What he got inspired about? Read on to discover.

#1 Man AND machine

“The world is evolving fast. Just think about the big five IT trends: Internet of Things, social media, clouding, big data and mobile technology. And don’t forget about blockchain, 3D-printing, artificial intelligence and other disruptive technology. The technologic evolution will bring along a different business approach and makes us dream about AI-driven insights en AI-generated content marketing. But make sure to first set your business objectives before looking at technology like Amazon’s Alexa. Don’t use technology for the sake of technology and thing about humanizing the data”

#2 The consumer decides

“In the future, we’ll see consumers taking more and more control of personal data and the information they wish – or don’t wish – to share. The way we communicate data is definitely humanising. There will be a moment where people will be harmed in their privacy and dignity and brands will have to look for another way to get a hand on the personal information to make relevant messages. Driven by Blockchain enabling people to store personal data, consumers will share data with companies respecting the consumer’s dignity and having a trustworthy relationship with them.



#3 Look for your startup soulmate

“The brands that matter now, won’t have the same ranking in the Fortune Top 500 companies tomorrow. A lot of new companies work themselves to the top. To keep up, you continuously have to look for new ways to interact with your consumers. One way to do so, is hooking up with a startup. Every brand has a startup soulmate. If not, why not create it? Both have their own assets to bring: startups learn fast and understand technology, established companies have the ability to scale them up. Runpee, for instance, is an app that tells you the right time to go pee during a movie. It could be a great match for companies who target pregnant woman. So hunt down your matching startup and do it now, before it’s too late. Remember Kodak, if they would have cooperated with Instagram, they would still be in the game.”

#4 Beware of the glass box

“The virtual walls of your company are made out of glass. Everything is transparent and goes viral very quickly. This also means the internal culture and what happens behind the facade will determine your brand and the way consumers look at it. Trustworthiness will be playing even a bigger role than it already did. Make positive changes to your internal culture and spread the world by counting on influencers and transparent communications.

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