May 14, 2019

HUT home use testing Haystack

HUTs: good, fast and cheap

They often say that you can only pick two. When something is cheap and fast, it won’t be good… Well, at Haystack we like to challenge that. We pursue a good balance for our Home Use Test; making them fast, affordable and high in quality.

In many HUTs, screening of respondents and sampling of products is organized at a central location. After respondents visit the location and pass the screener, they take the products home for evaluation. However, we believe that this is not always the most efficient solution.

Many products are perfectly suitable to be sent directly to respondents via local postal services. This saves time and money, while preserving high quality. As a bonus, it even strengthens the respondents’ involvement: “It feels like receiving a surprise package”.

Fun fact: did you know that “HUT” is not only a research method, but also slang for: “fixed” (“having something arranged”). So I guess we “fixed” it for our HUTs… ticking the three boxes 😉

Want to learn more about HUTs, don’t hesitate and contact our Research Expert Louise Snelders – den Uijl (