October 10, 2017

Museum M Leuven

Haystack wins Cross Over Contest Leuven MindGate

Friday 6 October 2017, Leuven – Friday evenings are for parties, especially when you win a prize! On the SPACE opening event of Leuven MindGate, Haystack was announced to be one of the winners of the Cross Over Contest.

What project did we submit, you wonder? Well, together with Museum M and the Hasselt-based arts school PXL-MAD we will conduct research on the influence of the senses on the experience of art. Our proposal ‘Symphony @ the museum’ won 10.000 euros. Thanks to this acknowledgement, we can start right away with the project.

Symphony Of Senses

Do you know that feeling, when you are visiting a museum and are drawn into a piece of art so much you want to touch it? But you can’t… It left us (M., PXL and Haystack) wondering: how do tasting, smelling, hearing and feeling influence the way we see art? What emotions do art pieces evoke with museum visitors?

With ‘Symphony @ the museum’ we want to collect valuable insights for exhibition creators and museum visitors. The project proposal was submitted for the Cross Over Contest and now has won 10.000 euros. According to the judges, the project brings together three players from different sectors and offers a substantive added value for all parties. On top of this, the project is said to have a lot of potential because the insights are valuable for the entire museum industry and can draw more people to the museum.

Denise Vandevoort, chairman of M-Museum Leuven, states: “Feel, taste and smell are an exiting gateway to art. It requires research from both a psychological as well as an artistic perspective, in which modern technology is an important asset.”

Sarah Degrande of Haystack adds: “This project not only offers a lot of potential for museum visitors, but also for the three partners. All three we are intrigued by the multisensorial experience. Yet, we are intrigued starting from a different background. This collaboration allows us to think outside the box and gain new insights. In short, this project feels good, tastes moreish and I can’t wait to see the results!”

For Peter de Cupere of PXL-MAD this cross-over also offers an opportunity for his international students to put forward their artistic vision in M.

Next Steps

In January 2018, one of the first results of the project, a multisensorial art installation, will be exhibited at M. To get to know the full results, you’ll have to wait until the Leuven MindGate Festival in May. In the meantime, make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels and blog to stay updated.