December 13, 2017

MCI Haystack MENA Partnership

Haystack Expands Presence in MENA Region: Partnership with Midline Creative Insight

Haystack expands its presence in the MENA region by teaming up with Midline Creative Insight (MCI). MCI has been active since 5 years in the MENA region, mainly in full service Qualitative Research and project management of Quantitative Research studies.

Increase in Quality Standards and Online Panel Capabilities

The partnership allows Haystack to offer even higher quality standards in the execution of sensory and packaging research. Additionally, Haystack can now further rely on the online (community) panel capabilities which MCI specializes in.

Louay Sayaf, Director of Haystack-MCI Partnership, says: “It is my pleasure to partner with a renowned company as Haystack on this new adventure and I’m confident we will create great things together. I am counting on the brilliant Needlefinders in Belgium, Amsterdam, and Dubai to help us take this endeavor to the next level.”

Welcome to the world of Needlefinders, MCI!

Contact Information

Reach out to the Haystack MENA team via mail: