May 13, 2019

Agile marketing Haystack

Fast, Faster… Agile

On April 25th the annual SMART conference took place. As proud sponsor of SMART (Starting Marketing And Research Talents) and MOA (Marketing-insights, Onderzoek en Analytics) we were happy to be present with our 2 local Research Experts Louise and Maaike. They are pleased to share with you their 3 key findings of the day.

At an inspiring location in Amsterdam, the Spring House, +/- 50 young marketeers and market researchers gathered to learn all about Agile in marketing and research from keynotes Heineken, Perspective, Accenture, Strategiemakers and Omdenken.

1. Work Agile

In order to work agile, you need to adhere to four basic principles:

  • work from the purpose / focus on client value;
  • work iterative for faster visual result;
  • work in multidisciplinary teams;
  • learn and continuously improve.

2. Fail fast, learn fast.

A technique to work in an agile way are Design sprints, short iterations that deliver minimum viable products (MVPs). By working with MVP’s you know earlier in the process whether you are on the right track, or start over from another perspective.

3. Think outside of the box and “Denk om”.

For example, when you’re asked to give the most wrong answer to the question “Name the capital of France”, most people start listing other city names (Marseille, New York, …). However, you could also have said “peanut butter” or “taxes”. All these answers are wrong, but people are inclined to stick to the world of city names, as that it the direction your mind initially goes. It can be worthwhile to step away from that framework and look beyond the obvious.

In addition to the lectures, the program also consisted of interactive workshops. We experienced the benefits of agile working by playing a portfolio management game and ball-transferring game (did you know that it is possible to transfer up to 95 balls (!), one by one, in 2 minutes, while adhering to strict playing rules?). Through multiple iterations, we hugely optimized our way of working.

So, work hard ‘or is it smart?’ and play hard!

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